Vijay Deverakonda on #Boycott Culture

Vijay Deverakonda has repeatedly demonstrated that he leads a life fit for a king. While the actor waits for his Liger release across all of India, the movie has escaped criticism because Karan Johar is connected to it. Twitter has been trending about boycotting Liger since yesterday. Given how hard he and the entire team worked on the project, Vijay is not someone who will allow these trolls to ruin his movie.

Vijay was asked about the boycott tradition in Bollywood during a conversation he had while Liger was being promoted. In response, he retaliated by saying, ” I don’t know exactly what their (online trolls) issue is and what they want. We are correct on our side. Puri sir was born in Narsipatnam. Shouldn’t we work? We have worked hard for three years to make this cinema. Shouldn’t we release our movies? Should we sit in homes? I am doing movies for those audiences. I need those audiences. There is no need for any fear until we have these people for us”. He roared and how!

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