Suriya and Karthik Subbaraj Kick Off Filming for ‘Suriya 44’

Retro Look and Star-Studded Cast Promises an Exciting Film

Actor Suriya and director Karthik Subbaraj have officially commenced shooting for their much-anticipated film, ‘Suriya 44’. Both celebrities took to social media to share a captivating video, marking the start of the project and revealing Suriya’s striking retro appearance.

Posting on X (formerly Twitter), the video was captioned: “Lights! Camera!! Action!!! #LoveLaughterWar #AKarthikSubbarajPadam Shoot in progress…” Karthik Subbaraj noted that it was the first shot he had taken for the film.

The video begins with Suriya perched on a ledge with his bags, gazing out to sea. As the camera zooms in, he turns, gives a sarcastic laugh, and then, with a menacing look, gestures for the camera to come closer. Suriya sports a colorful striped top, fu-manchu style facial hair, and a long mullet, adding to the retro vibe.

On Saturday, Karthik further unveiled the film’s cast on X. He announced that Pooja Hegde will be one of the leads, alongside actors Jayaram, Karuna Karan, and Joju George.

The announcement poster for ‘Suriya 44’ features a vintage car engulfed in flames and an arrow piercing a heart-shaped carving on a tree, encapsulating the film’s theme of “Loving, laughing, and war.”

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