Patrick J. Adams and Cast Reflect on “Suits” Legacy and Tease Future Possibilities

“Suits” Star Hints at Potential Reunion Movie at ATX TV Festival

Could “Suits” be adapted into a movie? According to star Patrick J. Adams, it’s a possibility. Adams discussed this during a reunion panel at the ATX TV Festival on Sunday.

The panel featured Adams, Sarah Rafferty, Dulé Hill, Amanda Schull, Abigail Spencer, and executive Jeff Wachtel. When a fan inquired about the prospect of a reunion movie, Adams revealed that creator Aaron Korsh, though absent and busy with the “Suits: LA” spinoff, is interested in the idea.

“I don’t have any official authority, but Aaron Korsh is focused on the spinoff,” said Adams, who portrayed Mike Ross on the hit legal drama. “However, he is interested in a reunion movie. While many factors would need to align, it’s definitely a possibility.”

When questioned about the interest of other cast members, Adams responded, “This band member is down,” with Hill also expressing enthusiasm for returning as Alex Williams.

Additionally, the panel announced that the ninth season of “Suits” will join the first eight on Netflix starting July 1. Rafferty and Adams also shared that their new project, “Sidebar: A Suits Watch Podcast,” is coming soon, where they will revisit the series for the first time.

“Suits,” produced by UCP, aired on USA Network from 2011 to 2019, starring Gabriel Macht, Rick Hoffman, Meghan Markle, and Gina Torres. The series saw renewed popularity on Netflix in 2023, topping charts for several weeks and amassing over 45 billion streaming minutes on Netflix and Peacock combined.

The “Suits: LA” spinoff pilot, set in the same universe, features Stephen Amell, Josh McDermitt, Lex Scott Davis, and Bryan Greenberg.

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