Kalki 2898 Stuns Audiences

Bollywood Legends Share Their First Impressions

Ever since its theatrical debut last week, *Kalki 2898 AD* has been unstoppable at the box office. Directed by Nag Ashwin and starring Prabhas, Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, and more, the film is being lauded for its stellar performances and breathtaking visuals. Among those impressed is Abhishek Bachchan, who took to social media to express his admiration.

In the early hours of Monday, Abhishek shared his reaction to his father Amitabh’s new movie on X (formerly Twitter), posting a “mind-blown” emoji along with the caption, “#Kalki2898AD = Wow!” He had watched the film the previous evening with Amitabh, as noted in the veteran actor’s latest blog post.


Amitabh recounted his experience on his blog, sharing that he saw the movie at an IMAX theater in Mumbai after his Sunday ritual of greeting fans outside his home, Jalsa.

“A Sunday of Sundays… the well-wishers at GOJ and then to Kalki with some friends to see on the big screen,” Amitabh wrote. “Seeing the film for the first time and the IMAX experience, the theater’s elegance and aesthetics, so impressive. It had been years since I’d been out, but it was satisfying to witness all the progress. Gatsby, and my son fooling around, and the IDFC bank ad that Abhishek and I did. So much to say, but it’s getting to 5:16 am, and Shujaat Hussain Khan on repeat… one does not wish the night to end. Music, the chord that connects us to the Almighty, sublime. My love.”

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