FIR Lodges against Actor Paresh Rawal

Md Salim, the state secretary of the CPI(M) in West Bengal, has filed a complaint against actor Paresh Rawal for the latter’s widely circulated remarks on Bengalis while supporting the BJP in Gujarat.

Salim wrote in his letter that “the comments made on social media with relation to the said provocative post reveal that the said video is in fact generating a lot of negative sentiment against Bengalis.”

Additionally, he asked that his letter be treated as a FIR by the Taltala police station’s officer in charge. Tuesday, when Rawal was promoting the BJP in Gujarat, he said: “Gas cylinder prices are high, but they will decrease. People will also find work. But what would happen if Bangladeshis and Rohingya migrants start settling nearby, like in Delhi? What are your plans for gas cylinders? Fish is cooked for the Bengalis?”

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