Eva Longoria Prioritizes Collaboration over Projects in Film and TV Endeavors

The actress-filmmaker emphasizes working with friends and respected creatives for a fulfilling creative journey

Eva Longoria has a clear mantra when it comes to her choices in the entertainment industry: “Life’s too short to work with assholes.” In a recent interview with People magazine, the multi-talented artist revealed her deliberate approach to selecting projects, emphasizing her desire to collaborate with individuals she admires and respects.

Longoria expressed her preference for surrounding herself with people she loves, highlighting friends and fellow actresses Kerry Washington and Gabrielle Union as prime examples. She articulated her philosophy, stating, “Life’s too short to work with assholes, and I’d much rather be surrounded by people I love, and creatives that I respect.”

The Flamin’ Hot star elaborated on her decision-making process, describing a method she calls “reverse engineering.” Before pursuing new ventures, she carefully considers whom she wishes to collaborate with, prioritizing their vision and contributions over the specifics of the project itself.

For Longoria, the allure of a project lies not only in its content but also in the individuals involved. She emphasized, “It’s the people and their vision and what they bring to it more than the actual project” that motivates her to step onto a set.

Looking ahead, Longoria shared her aspirations to work with esteemed figures in the industry, including actor Édgar Ramírez. She outlined her creative strategy, revealing that she often conceptualizes projects around the idea of collaborating with specific individuals, such as developing a suitable vehicle for potential collaborations with acclaimed actress Carmen Maura.

In addition to her thoughtful approach to selecting collaborators, Longoria discussed her upcoming projects with Washington and Union. These include the workplace comedy *24-7* with Washington and an unnamed LGBTQ wedding comedy with Union, reflecting her commitment to diverse and meaningful storytelling.

As Longoria continues to navigate her career in the entertainment industry, her emphasis on fostering meaningful collaborations underscores her dedication to creating fulfilling and impactful work on screen.

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