At the beginning of this episode, the same person who was shown at the beginning of the second episode was planning something that was against the ladies. It was found that a person arrived in the both had a conversation and then again, the story switches to where the ladies and sons know about their Flamingo business.

Now it was found that the sons were popping up with the shock that their wisdom had also revolved, and for a long time, they respected the work they were doing with their mother. Now it was found that the discussion and both the people as their mother that what made her do this kind of work.

Now the story flashes back where it was found that the lady belongs to a small town where people used to recite. It was found that they were migrating when the don attacked them, and the people were brutally raping the lady, and his husband left her at the place due to the incident in front of his eyes.

Now it was found that At The Story Goes, she gained confidence by making contacts and living with some people who were also left alone when they migrated. They formed the lady’s alliance, and now it was found that after all this, she found a man who exploded her into the world of Flamingo. It was to get involved in the business of Flamingo, and finally, it was found that he was now the owner of the Flamingo.

I like the part where the lady confidently fits with the world; besides being brutally raped and not accepted by society, the courage to live and her bold which she was caring in personality made her come up with her bad days.

I wouldn’t say I liked how badly the language and dressing made sense with the inappropriate storyline.

At the end of the episode, it was found that Police Falls hardly searched for everybody there to know who the culprit was and who the producer of Flamingo was. Will they be successful? To know that stay connected!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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