Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif: Bollywood’s Hottest Couple Teases Fans with Potential On-Screen Romance!

Recently, actor Vicky Kaushal talked openly about working on a film with his wife, actress Katrina Kaif. Until now, the two have never shared a screen. Regarding the potential for a future collaboration, Vicky stated that he would dearly love to work with Katrina but that it must occur “organically.”

Vicky Kaushal acknowledged the fans’ interest in seeing them in a movie together and added that they are awaiting the appropriate script in a statement to news agency PTI. He stated, “We would love to see ourselves in a movie together. But it has to happen organically and for the right reasons, not just because we are together, and that there’s a curiosity about watching us in a film together.”

He also said, “I feel, when you organically fit the bill, in a real sense, that this is a perfect cast and that’s when it should happen. I believe it will happen soon. I hope it happens soon.”

One of the most well-known Bollywood couples, Vicky and Katrina have never appeared in a movie together. For a while, there were rumors that the two were dating, but they never verified the rumors. After years of secret dating, they married in Rajasthan in December 2021, officially ending their years-long relationship. After they posted their wedding photos on social media, it took place. In actuality, the wedding of Vicky and Katrina was one of the largest occasions of the year. December will mark their second anniversary as a married couple.

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