The Walking Dead: Dead City Gets A Premiere Date

The Walking Dead: Dead City, the follow-up to the popular first season, will be released on June 18 this year, much to the delight of fans of the original Walking Dead.Among the cast members of the American post-apocalyptic series are Lauren Cohan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Gaius Charles, and Logan Kim.

it is based on the original walking dead characters, maggie and negan, who appeared in Eli jorné’s american post-apocalyptic horror drama television series for amc, formerly known as the “american movie classics” network.from july to october 2022, new york city served as the location for filming the six-part series.

The first episode will be shown at the premiere, and the following week, the remaining five episodes will be made available. Of course, fans of the series have voiced their excitement for the upcoming release of the series. One person said in a remark that he is quite excited to watch the series:
, “New people, new communities, new enemies. I mean the world of the walking dead is global. I loved the other spin-offs seeing the story tie together and bring all these people’s worlds colliding.”

In response to the YouTube trailer, Ithan Vega said, “If they’re going to stretch and squeeze everything outta this franchise then I’m glad they’re doing crazy stuff like this.I’m definitely tuning in.” Another one said, “I absolutely love the song and think it’s a perfect choice for the trailer. I also love how they give a tease of the plot and threats without giving too much away.

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