Tenoch Huerta Exits Netflix Movie ‘Fiesta en la Madriguera’ After Sexual Assault Allegation

Tenoch Huerta has announced that he is exiting the Netflix film Fiesta en la Madriguera following the allegations of sexual assault. “Given the impact of the recent baseless statements by Maria Elena Rios and the damage they have caused, I have no choice but to withdraw from participating in the film,” the actor said.

Huerta said he was leaving the project “with great sadness,” but that he did not want the accusation to undermine “the work of dozens of talented and hard-working people.”

“My focus now is simple: continue the process of restoring my reputation,” he said. On June 9, Rios accused Huerta on social media of being a “sexual predator” and of having sexually assaulted her.

The actor admitted in a statement earlier this week that he was in a relationship with Ríos but “it was entirely consensual at all time” saying “it was a loving, warm and mutually supportive relationship. After it ended, however, Elena began to misrepresent our interactions both privately and in front of groups of mutual friends.”

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