Taha Shah’s Journey to Fame: From Chasing Cars to Starring Roles

The Actor’s Struggle and Success in Bollywood and Beyond

Heera Mandi actor Taha Shah recently opened up in an interview about his long road to fame following his debut in Luv Ka The End. His latest appearance was in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Netflix series Heera Mandi: The Diamond Bazaar, where he made a significant impact as Nawab Tajdar Baloch. Taha, who entered Bollywood in 2011, shared that his journey was far from easy, recalling a pivotal moment when he chased Karan Johar’s car to request an audition.

In a conversation with The Week, Taha recounted how his determination led him to follow Karan Johar’s vehicle. “He saw me, stopped the car, and offered some water,” Taha revealed. “He called me the next day to audition for the film Gippi by Dharma Productions. That’s how I got the role.” Taha played Arjun in Sonam Nair’s 2013 film, Gippi, but even this role did not catapult him to stardom. He subsequently appeared in films such as Barkhaa (2015), Baar Baar Dekho (2016), and Ranchi Diaries (2017), none of which brought him significant recognition.

Taha’s Bollywood debut came with the 2011 film Luv Ka The End, directed by Bumpy and produced by Y-Films, a division of Yash Raj Films. Reflecting on the movie’s reception compared to Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma’s projects, Taha noted, “Ranveer did an amazing job in the film. Also, the target audience was much larger. The film’s hyper-localization (with its Delhi slang and locations) changed the way films were being made.”

Despite the initial struggles, Taha Shah’s persistence and talent eventually led him to noteworthy roles, including his acclaimed performance in Heera Mandi.

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