Shilpa Shetty Stuns in Her Fitness Routine

On Monday, Shilpa Shetty posted a video of her workout to Instagram. She can be seen doing a belly dance in the video. Many of her fans were astounded by her flexibility and strength. She also inquired about “how their Monday looks like” from her followers.

She was barefoot and appeared in the video wearing a yellow crop top and yoga leggings. With exercise equipment in the background, she slowly executed belly exercises while raising both arms. She smiled broadly as she posed for the photo. She also included a tune for a belly dance workout with the video..

Shilpa posted a belly dance workout video to Instagram, “Everything in life deserves a JHATKA or a tadka, at regular intervals. My #MondayMotivation is no different. Today’s routine includes a belly dance move, which works the core inside-out. Our core consists of the pelvic, lower back, glute, and abdominal muscles. This belly dance move trains the core for strength and shape.”

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