Salman Khan celebrates with friends and family

Salman Khan recently celebrated his birthday, but he was unable to meet many of the people who had gathered in front of his Mumbai home to see him.

Pictures of Salman and Sameer together inundated the internet after being posted by numerous fan accounts. For the photographs, the actor posed alongside Sameer and his bicycle. Despite the cold, Sameer cycled the entire distance, and his bike was dripping with references to Salman Khan’s “Being Human.”.

In front of his bicycle, Sameer also had a board on show. The board’s message reead, “Chalo unko duaaein dete chalein (Let us wish him well). Jabalpur to Mumbai.”
Additionally, it contained a phrase from the hit Salman Khan song “Deewana Main Chala.”

Salman Khan was pictured cycling on the board as well. Salman has been spotted cycling frequently in Mumbai ever since he introduced e-cycles under his brand Being Human.

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