Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent Gives ARCANE Season 2 Gets Update

Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent recently spoke with LPL broadcaster Guan Ze Yuan and shared some insights for the next series. When Riot boss was questioned about the Arcane Season 2 release date in the interview, he said that he had just finished watching episode three before coming and affirmed that the show was in production.: “I just watched the third episode of season 2 before my flight, so we are making progress on it.”

He also spoke to, “It is not ready yet, and there are two reasons for that. One, you want the quality and you just don’t want to rush so that takes time and it’s a good reason. The bad reason is, honestly, we didn’t know whether Season 1 was going to be a success so we didn’t start Season 2 until it happened. If I had known, we could have started Season 2 way earlier, but we didn’t know and we are paying the price. It’s unfortunately not going to be this year.”

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