“Rasavathi” to Shine on Digital Screens: Santhakumar’s Latest Film Moves Online After Theater Setback

Arjun Das and Tanya Ravichandran’s Romantic Thriller Finds New Life on Sampey South

Renowned director Santhakumar, celebrated for his original ideas, launched his latest film, “Rasavathi,” starring Arjun Das and Tanya Ravichandran, on May 10. Despite receiving positive reviews and a strong initial box office performance, the movie faced an unexpected setback when theaters rejected its continued showing. Consequently, starting June 21, “Rasavathi” will be available for streaming on Sampey South.

Santhakumar, one of Tamil cinema’s most gifted directors, is known for selecting unique concepts for his films. His latest work, “Rasavathi,” is a romantic thriller that delves deeply into human emotions and the complexities of the human psyche. Tanya Ravichandran captivates audiences with her performance, while Arjun Das once again showcases his remarkable talent. Sujith Shankar and Reshma also deliver significant performances, adding considerable strength to the film. The movie’s intricate plot is further enhanced by Thaman’s evocative background score and music.

Following its digital release, “Rasavathi” is expected to garner greater appreciation from a wider audience and make a significant impact on social media. To extend its reach, the film may also become available on another popular digital platform and in various languages.

Meanwhile, Arjun Das continues his prolific career with two upcoming releases and ongoing projects in both the Tamil and Telugu film industries.

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