Pratik Gandhi Stars in ‘Dedh Bigha Zameen’: A Gripping Tale of Land, Heritage, and Resistance

Set to premiere on JioCinema, this poignant drama explores the struggles of a small landowner battling powerful forces to protect his ancestral land.

“Dedh Bigha Zameen” is an upcoming film featuring Pratik Gandhi and Khushali Kumar, set to premiere on JioCinema on May 31st. This drama, which centers around the struggles of a small landowner, draws inspiration from the classic 1953 film “Do Bigha Zamin” by Bimal Roy. The narrative explores themes of resilience and social justice, portraying the protagonist’s fight to protect his ancestral land from powerful adversaries. Pratik Gandhi, known for his breakout role in “Scam 1992,” brings depth to his character, highlighting the emotional and physical toll of the conflict.

The trailer hints at a gripping storyline filled with intense performances and compelling drama. Khushali Kumar’s portrayal adds a layer of emotional gravity, showcasing her character’s support and struggles alongside the protagonist. The film promises to be a thought-provoking journey into the socio-economic issues faced by small landowners in contemporary India. With its release on JioCinema, “Dedh Bigha Zameen” aims to reach a wide audience, continuing the platform’s trend of offering diverse and high-quality content.

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