Prabhudeva and AR Rahman Reunite After 27 Years for a Vibrant Love Story

The actor shares his experiences working with new collaborators on the film “Moon Walk”

Prabhudeva reveals that collaborating with new artists has been a refreshing experience. After a 27-year hiatus, he and AR Rahman are teaming up once again for an exciting new project. Malayalam actor and choreographer Aju Varghese, who plays a significant role in the film now titled “Moon Walk,” shares his exclusive insights about the production.

Prabhudeva describes his character as a cheerful and carefree individual, saying, “It’s a vibrant, fun-filled, and celebratory film—a love story brimming with colors, happiness, and music. I chose to do the film because of debutant director Manoj NS’s passion.”

Discussing his experiences with new collaborators, Prabhudeva says, “I’m acting with many artists for the first time in this film. It feels new to me. Except for Rahman sir, most of the people in the film are new to me.”

When asked about the difference between working with a first-time director and an experienced filmmaker, he responds, “It is definitely different, but that difference is good. I have worked with many first-time directors before as well. I am happy every time I work on a film. I just go with the flow and give my everything to a film. If I go wrong, the director is always there to guide me.”

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