Neena Gupta opens up about her relationship with husband Vivek Mehra

With sought roles in several films each year, Neena Gupta’s career is currently flourishing. Along with her spouse Vivek Mehra and daughter Masaba Gupta, she has a stable personal life. Neena has now discussed the challenging time in her second marriage to Vivek in a new interview.
Neena spent time with Vivek at their Mukteshwar residence throughout the Covid shutdown. She posted numerous images from their enjoyable time together, including one in which he used to give her a head massage because there wasn’t a hairdresser nearby.

In an interview with Humans of Bombay, Neena discussed starting a family with her future husband Vivek Mehra, “I have some connection with planes. I met him in the plane. Yes, that was a very nice phase. It was difficult because he was already married with two children. It was a tough time for me, a very very tough time. Nikal gaya (that time has passed)

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