Mid-Century Modern Comedy Pilot Set to Star Matt Bomer, Nathan Lane, and Linda Lavin

New Hulu Project by Creators of “Will & Grace” and Ryan Murphy Attracts Top Talent

The creators of “Will & Grace” and celebrated producer Ryan Murphy are teaming up for a new Hulu comedy, “Mid-Century Modern,” which is already boasting an impressive cast.

Hulu, owned by Disney, has ordered a pilot for this multi-camera comedy written by “Will & Grace” creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick. The show features stars Matt Bomer, Nathan Lane, and Linda Lavin. Directed by James Burrows, the series is described as a gender-swapped twist on “The Golden Girls,” with Murphy on board as an executive producer.

The series centers around three best friends—gay gentlemen of a certain age—who decide to live together in Palm Springs following an unexpected death. The wealthiest of the trio lives with his mother and a young, naked Gen Z housekeeper. The friends form a chosen family, demonstrating that no matter the difficulties, there’s always someone to remind you that “it would be better if you got your neck done.”

Nathan Lane stars as Bunny Schneiderman, a successful businessman always seeking love and needing assurance of his worthiness. Linda Lavin plays Sybil, Bunny’s wise and caring yet critical and smothering mother. Matt Bomer takes on the role of Jerry Frank, described as “pure of heart, hard of body, and soft of head.” Casting for the third friend and the housekeeper is still underway.

Bomer, fresh off Showtime’s Emmy hopeful “Fellow Travelers,” previously appeared in the “Will & Grace” revival and has collaborated with Murphy on “American Horror Story” and “The Normal Heart.” Lane will portray Dominick Dunne in the upcoming season of Murphy’s Netflix series “Monster,” focusing on the Menendez brothers case. Lavin’s recent roles include appearances in CBS’s “Elsbeth” and “B Positive.”

Produced by 20th Television, “Mid-Century Modern” has Murphy, Kohan, Mutchnick, Lane, Bomer, and Burrows as executive producers.

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