Michelle Yeoh calls out the Hollywood Gender Bias

Michelle Yeoh asserts that Hollywood frequently evaluates females more on the basis of their age than their talent. Despite reaching a certain age, Michelle Yeoh says she doesn’t want her work to “simply slow down or end.” At this stage of her career, Michelle Yeoh did not plan on playing the lead in Everything Everywhere At Once. in a current conversation with.

Yeoh recently stated it was “wonderful to believe” she landed such a fantastic role, which has earned her so many nominations and honours this award season, in an interview with CBS Sunday Mornings. Yeoh, 60, said of Hollywood, “It’s like the older you get, they see you by your age rather than by your abilities. When someone gives you the chance to demonstrate your abilities, it feels joyful, Yeoh said. “To receive that, you don’t know how.”.

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