Marvel’s Next Wave: New Disney+ Series Revealed

Brad Winderbaum Shares Exciting Details on Daredevil, Agatha, and More

Marvel Studios’ TV and Streaming Chief, Brad Winderbaum, has teased new Disney+ content on the official Marvel podcast.

**Daredevil: Born Again** is set to debut on Disney+ in March 2025. **Agatha All Along** will arrive in September 2024, and **Eyes of Wakanda** is slated for 2024.

On the Official Marvel Podcast, Winderbaum expressed his excitement for the future.

“Daredevil is incredible,” he shared. “Like X-Men ’97, it revives a beloved series but takes it in a new direction. The characters, Matt and Wilson, have evolved. Their conflicts now involve not just personal vendettas but also political intrigue.”

Winderbaum also praised **Eyes of Wakanda**. “It delves into Wakandan history and is produced by Ryan Coogler and directed by Todd Harris, one of our veteran storyboard artists. The show’s action and storytelling are top-notch, expanding into the broader MCU across different eras. Fans of the movies will find it a real treat.”

**Agatha All Along** will see Kathryn Hahn return from 2021’s WandaVision. “Agatha is fun and scary,” Winderbaum noted. “It’s a Marvel Halloween show that starts with fun and ends with drama. The stakes are high, making it a thrilling but dangerous ride.”

Winderbaum also highlighted the upcoming animated series **Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man**, which explores Peter Parker’s early years.

“It’s full of twists, but the ensemble cast is the real strength,” he said. “Showrunner Jeff Trammel brings characters like Nico Minoru, Lonnie Lincoln, Harry Osborn, and others into the fold, enriching the teenage ensemble beyond the usual MCU roster.”

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