Marvel’s Deadpool & Wolverine Marks Studio’s First R-Rated Venture

Ryan Reynolds and Team Celebrate Creative Freedom and Bold New Direction

Ryan Reynolds recently expressed his surprise and admiration towards Disney for greenlighting the R-rating for their upcoming film *Deadpool & Wolverine*. Scheduled for release on July 26, the movie signifies Marvel’s first foray into the R-rated territory.

In an interview with Fandango, Reynolds commended Disney’s decision, stating, “I hope this doesn’t sound condescending, I’m really proud of them for doing this. It’s a huge step for them, it adds a whole color to this kaleidoscopic wheel that is that company and the different people that they have been entertaining for forever.”

Addressing the R-rating, Reynolds emphasized that it wasn’t about exploiting the freedom to go R-rated but rather because it was essential for the character and the world they are portraying. “There’s no other way to do it for this character in this world,” he remarked.

The film promises a crossover with Hugh Jackman’s Logan, known for its own R-rated intensity in the 2017 movie. Reynolds underscored that maintaining the unbridled essence of Wolverine was crucial, hence the necessity of the R-rating.

Director Shawn Levy, present during the interview, echoed Reynolds’ sentiments, emphasizing the commitment to Deadpool’s irreverent tone. “We were clear from the get-go… If the three of us are going to do this, we’ve got to be truthful to the tone of a Deadpool movie. And that means we’re not softening the edges, we’re going to be audacious and funny and edgy.”

Despite initial expectations of pushback, Levy noted that Disney and Marvel supported their vision. “They kind of have trusted us and allowed us to do the version of Deadpool and Wolverine that we feel is best.”

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige had teased the project earlier at CinemaCon, embracing the R-rating with enthusiasm. “It’s fucking awesome,” he declared, signaling Marvel’s readiness to explore new creative boundaries.

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