Mark Wahlberg Takes to the Skies in Mel Gibson’s Thrilling ‘Flight Risk’

An Alaskan Wilderness Journey Turns Deadly as Trust and Identities Are Tested in This High-Stakes Suspense Thriller

“Flight Risk,” directed by Mel Gibson, is an upcoming thriller starring Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Dockery, and Topher Grace. The film revolves around a tense journey through the Alaskan wilderness, where Wahlberg’s character, a pilot and hitman named Daryl Booth, is tasked with transporting an informant named Winston, played by Topher Grace, to trial. Accompanying them is Michelle Dockery’s character, FBI agent Madelyn Harris. As they navigate the treacherous terrain, trust becomes a major issue, and the true identities of those on board come into question, leading to high-stakes suspense and drama.

The film, based on Jared Rosenberg’s 2020 Black List script, marks Mel Gibson’s return to directing since his 2016 hit “Hacksaw Ridge.”

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