Katie Holmes Promoting ‘The Rare Objects’ on The Drew Barrymore Show

Katie Holmes discussed her newest movie, Rare Objects, on The Drew Barrymore Show yesterday. They both used to be performers before becoming directors, so they had a lot to talk about. The new movie, which Katie Holmes wrote, directed, and also starred in, received acclaim from Drew Barrymore. In addition to complimenting Katie on her acting, Drew showed a clip from the movie while discussing the “poetry” component of Rare Objects.

Katie expressed her satisfaction that the movie “left the audience with hope” in the end.
Drew praised her acting as being great, and Holmes responded by telling Drew that she was “such a fan” of her. Katie stated that she had been motivated to produce films like Charlie’s Angels, Darko, Fever Pitch, and He’s Just Not That into You by Drew’s earlier efforts as a producer, and she remarked on the commercial success of her own works.

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