Jude Law Reflects on “Ripley” Fame: Proud of Navigating Hollywood’s Intense Spotlight

Oscar-nominated actor Jude Law shares insights on handling sudden stardom and its impact on his personal life

Jude Law fondly recalls the transformative period following the release of 1999’s “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” where his role alongside Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow catapulted him to international fame. Reflecting on this pivotal moment, Law expressed pride in how he managed the surge of attention and scrutiny.

Before “Ripley,” Law had already established himself with several film and theater roles. However, it was the Anthony Minghella-directed film that truly reshaped his career. “It was just a wonderful period of my life,” Law told People magazine. “It felt like everything I’d hoped acting and that career could provide was happening.”

The film’s success brought significant changes. “The success, or the response it got, was life-changing. Really,” he added.

Initially, Law enjoyed his newfound Hollywood fame but soon faced the downsides of constant public attention, particularly on his personal life. “There was an expectation suddenly and attention to choices I was making, like who was I working with?” the Firebrand actor recalled. “And then ultimately what was going on in my private life was scrutinized too. And all of that was quite a lot. I was so young.”

Law married his “Shopping” co-star Sadie Frost in 1997. Their high-profile friend group, including Kate Moss and the Gallagher brothers Noel and Liam, was famously dubbed the “Primrose Hill Set” and became a focal point for media attention.

Law and Frost, who had three children together, divorced in 2003. He later dated his “Alfie” co-star Sienna Miller for five years. Despite frequent media scrutiny of his love life, Law learned to prioritize his career over the surrounding noise.

Reflecting on his rise to fame, Law noted, “I look back now — my eldest son is 27, and I wasn’t much older. And honestly, I look back and I’m really proud. I think I handled it pretty well.”

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