Jim Parsons Reflects on Possibility of Returning as Sheldon Cooper

Actor Expresses Mixed Feelings About a Potential Sequel to The Big Bang Theory

Jim Parsons recently shared his thoughts on potentially reprising his iconic role as Sheldon Cooper if a sequel to *The Big Bang Theory* ever comes to fruition.

When asked in an interview what it would take for him to return as Sheldon, Parsons responded with humor, saying, “Reincarnation. Next lifetime.” Despite the joke, he added, “Never say never to anything. Life is long, God-willing, but I don’t think so.”

Parsons, who played Sheldon for 12 seasons on the CBS sitcom, also reprised his role in the series finale of *Young Sheldon*, a prequel to *The Big Bang Theory*. Reflecting on this experience, he noted, “It was very special to do that. The feeling today is kind of odd. It’s the second time now because when we ended *The Big Bang Theory* it felt like this too, a little bit different, but you shoot that final episode and it’s wrapped for you. And then a couple of months later it wraps for the rest of the world and it’s a very weird feeling to flood over you again like that.”

Throughout the run of *Young Sheldon*, Parsons served as the narrator. Following the finale, executive producer Steve Holland discussed the decision to bring back Parsons and co-star Mayim Bialik. “I think in the back of our minds, it was always the thing we wanted. Certainly Jim, because he’d been narrating the whole thing,” Holland said. “As we got to the finale, I think Chuck Lorre had pitched the idea of bringing back Mayim and Jim, which was really exciting and so much fun.”

Holland explained the importance of maintaining balance in the finale: “We wanted to make sure that we honored this cast and not let adult Sheldon and Amy dominate the last episode. I’m really happy with the balance we found. I think that Jim and Mayim are in it a great amount, but I think the Cooper family still gets their moment to shine.”

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