Is Disha Patana dating Aleksandar Alex Ilic ???

While some referred to Aleksandar Alex Ilic as Disha Patani’s personal trainer, others thought he was a member of her security team. Following many sightings of the two together entering and exiting their preferred restaurants in Mumbai, there have recently been claims that they are in a relationship. Aleksandar, a model and actor, reveals exclusively to us, “I admire how people have been trying to delve deeper and do the guesswork.”

Aleksandar explains “I was born in Serbia and have spent the last seven years living in India. I started off as a model before moving towards acting.” He met Disha when he first arrived in Mumbai; both of them were new to show business.”We used to live together back in 2015. At that time, she was also with the same agency. Disha, me and a couple of other models were flatmates. We connected really quickly. Fitness is something that we both are passionate about and that helped us bond. So, we started going to the gym together, had lunches and dinners together. Spent a lot of time in the house together. We became close friends,”

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