Imran Khan Reveals Uncomfortable Interview Moment About Anushka Sharma’s Attire

The actor reflects on awkward questions about his co-star’s clothes and opens up about his personal struggles and separation from Avantika Malik

During a recent interview, Imran Khan shared a surprising and uncomfortable experience from a past interview where he was asked about Anushka Sharma’s clothing. Khan, who starred with Sharma in the 2013 film *Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola*, reflected on the awkward moment and his personal journey since then.

Recalling the incident, Khan described feeling extremely uneasy when questioned about his co-star’s attire. He shared, “We perceived *Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola* as an issue-based film. I was in a room full of press, and suddenly, someone asked, ‘Is film mein Anushka ji ne two-piece bikini pehni hai. Iske baare mein aap kya kahenge?’ (What do you think of Anushka wearing a two-piece bikini?)’ It was horribly uncomfortable. I thought, ‘Main Kya Kahoon?’ (What do I say now?)”

Khan also noted how the media would often bring up his uncle, Aamir Khan, during interviews to generate headlines, adding another layer of discomfort to his interactions with the press.

In the same interview with India Today, Khan opened up about his separation from his ex-wife, Avantika Malik. He revealed that his struggle with depression made him realize that their relationship was no longer working. The *Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na* actor chose not to delve deeply into the details to avoid fueling gossip but admitted, “I was dealing with all of this baggage and my internal struggle. I found that my marriage and my relationship were not helping any of that.”

Khan elaborated on his views about a healthy relationship, saying, “In an ideal, healthy dynamic between two people, you are making each other better, healthier, and stronger, and supporting each other to be the best, strongest version. We were not in that place.”

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