‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Sells 12 Million Copies In The First Two Weeks

The Hogwarts Legacy video game, set a century before the story of Harry Potter, has sold more than 12 million copies in two weeks. Hogwarts Legacy’s sales numbers were revealed alongside Warner Bros. Discovery’s earnings, which saw the company lose some $2.1 billion. That makes Hogwarts Legacy, which has been controversial itself, a rare bright spot for the company’s financials. On top of the large sales figure, Warner Bros. Games touted $850 million in sales globally and 1.28 million peak concurrent viewers on Twitch — a new record for a single-player game.

Developed by Avalanche Software under the Portkey Games label, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy earned notice by allowing players to roam a fully-realized version of Hogwarts Castle on next-gen platforms.

The game’s arrival has sparked heated debate within the Harry Potter fandom, which has become increasingly distraught as author J.K. Rowling continues to publicly express views many perceive as offensive to transgender people. While Rowling didn’t participate creatively in the game, she benefits financially from its sales, prompting anxiety over whether playing it is tantamount to supporting anti-trans causes.

Based on J.K. Rowlings blockbuster Harry Potter franchise, the game invites players on a journey as a fifth-year student at Hogwarts able to tap into ancient, powerful magic. Fans are guided by the Wizard’s Field Guide and unique instruction from professors and other characters.

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