Gaten Matarazzo Opens Up About Uncomfortable Fan Interactions

“Stranger Things” Star Reflects on Bizarre Encounters and Career Legacy

Gaten Matarazzo, known for his role in “Stranger Things,” shared some unsettling fan interactions during an appearance on the “Inside of You” podcast. Matarazzo recounted a particularly bizarre encounter with a mother in her 40s who openly expressed having a crush on him while standing beside her own daughter.

“One recent encounter was really insane,” Matarazzo revealed. “This woman in her 40s straight up said, ‘I’ve had a crush on you since you were 13,’ and I thought, ‘That’s upsetting.’ I assumed she was joking, but she doubled down.”

Matarazzo continued, “She acknowledged the age difference, and her daughter, clearly embarrassed, said, ‘Mom, what the fuck?’ It was surreal.”

This wasn’t Matarazzo’s first uncomfortable fan interaction. He mentioned that he has had fans cross the line before, including unwanted physical contact. “I’ve taken photos with fans and experienced a few butt grabs for sure,” said Matarazzo, who is now 21 and currently working on the fifth and final season of “Stranger Things.”

Reflecting on his career, Matarazzo acknowledged the significant impact “Stranger Things” has had on his life. “I’m very aware that ‘Stranger Things’ is likely the biggest thing I’ll ever do, and I’m okay with that. It will probably be what I’m remembered for, even if I continue working after this.”

He added, “I’m cool with that as long as it brings happiness, security, and more work in the future. I don’t need to maintain relevance if it’s not something I particularly enjoy that much.”

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