Dhadak 2: Karan Johar Unveils the Sequel’s Emotional Romance

Starring Siddhant Chaturvedi and Triptii Dimri, Dhadak 2 Set for November Release

Karan Johar has officially announced his much-anticipated film, *Dhadak 2*, featuring Siddhant Chaturvedi and Triptii Dimri in lead roles.

On Monday, the renowned filmmaker took to Instagram to unveil a poignant motion poster starring the film’s central characters. Directed by Shazia Iqbal, *Dhadak 2* is slated for a theatrical release on November 22, 2024. The poster captures a tender embrace between Siddhant and Triptii’s characters, hinting at the deep romance that forms the core of the story.

In a compelling voiceover, Siddhant’s character, Neelesh, expresses, “Jo sapna tum dekh rahi ho Vidhi usme mere liye koi jagah nahi hai (The dream you have, Vidhi, has no place for me).” To which Triptii’s character, Vidhi, poignantly replies, “Toh phir yeh bhi bata do Neelesh ki in feelings ka kya karun (Then let me know, Neelesh, what should I do with my feelings)?”

Karan’s Instagram post, written in Hindi, further adds to the intrigue: “Yeh kahani hai thodi alag kyuki ek tha raja, ek thi rani, jaat alag thi, khatam kahani (This story is a little different because there was a king, there was a queen – their castes were different… end of story). Presenting *Dhadak 2* starring Siddhant Chaturvedi & Triptii Dimri. Directed by Shazia Iqbal. #Dhadak2 in cinemas 22nd November 2024.”

Siddhant Chaturvedi also shared the motion poster with the caption, “Ek raja, ek rani, ek kahaani, do dhadkane (One king, one queen, one story–two heartbeats).” He hinted at the film’s exploration of societal barriers, adding, “The film explores barriers of class and status stitched in the minds of societies, underscoring a narrative of love that can never be fulfilled. Or can it?”

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