Daughter of Bipasha Basu – Karan Grover turns 1

Devi, the infant daughter of Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover, turned one on Monday. At home, the couple sang “Happy Birthday” and cut a cake. When Bipasha was finally seen by their followers, they thought she looked radiant.

In the video, Karan was wearing black slacks and Bipasha was wearing a powder blue dress. Bipasha muttered as they sung happy birthday and cut the cake, “God bless you my little baby.” Karan said, “This is one month. Now we will celebrate one year.” A family member also cheered for them saying, “Good job new parents.”

Bipasha posted the video on Instagram, “And just like that Devi is one month old. Thank you everyone who keeps sending Devi love and blessings . We are very grateful. Durga Durga. #monkeylove #newparents #grateful #jaimatadi #onemonthbirthday #devi

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