CBFC asks Pathaan producers to edit the movie

Pathaan’s producers have been told to make “changes” to the movie, including the songs, by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), which also stars Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone. According to reports from the agencies, the CBFC has requested that the action movie’s producer, Yash Raj Films, submit a new version in accordance with board norms, the board’s chairperson Prasoon Joshi said in a statement on Thursday.

The movie just received certification from the CBFC examination committee. The movie underwent a full and thorough examination process in accordance with CBFC norms. The committee has instructed the filmmakers to include the suggested changes into the movie, including the songs, and submit the amended version before it is released in theatres, according to a statement from Prasoon to PTI. He continued by saying that the CBFC’s goal was to find a compromise between the makers’ inventiveness and the audience’s feelings.

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