Brad Pitt and George Clooney Reunite in High-Octane Thriller ‘Wolfs’

Get Ready for an R-Rated Ocean’s Adventure with Intense Action, Dark Comedy, and Star-Studded Performances

The newly released trailer for *Wolfs*, starring Brad Pitt and George Clooney, has generated considerable buzz. Directed by Jon Watts, known for his work on the Spider-Man trilogy, the film brings together Clooney and Pitt as professional “fixers” who unexpectedly find themselves on the same assignment. Described as a dark, action-packed thriller with a comedic edge, the movie has been likened to an R-rated version of their *Ocean’s* films, promising a mix of intense action and sharp wit. The film also features Amy Ryan, Austin Abrams, and Poorna Jagannathan, adding depth to its star-studded cast.

Production on *Wolfs* began in early 2023 but faced delays due to industry strikes. Despite these setbacks, the anticipation for the film remains high. The dynamic between Clooney and Pitt, who have previously showcased their chemistry in projects like *Burn After Reading* and the *Ocean’s* series, is a major draw for audiences. The trailer hints at a visually gripping experience, with scenes shot in iconic New York locations like Harlem and Chinatown, and a storyline that promises to delve into themes of vengeance and professional rivalry. Set for a September 2024 release, *Wolfs* is shaping up to be a must-watch for fans of both actors and the genre.

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