Blake Lively Confident ‘It Ends With Us’ Film Will Delight Fans

Star and Director Promise Faithful Adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s Beloved Novel

Blake Lively is offering reassurance to fans of Colleen Hoover’s acclaimed book “It Ends With Us,” expressing her confidence that the film adaptation will be well-received.

Lively, who stars as Lily Bloom, discussed the upcoming movie with Entertainment Tonight on Friday, highlighting the dedication and effort put into staying true to the original story. Directed and co-starred by Justin Baldoni, the film aims to capture the essence of Hoover’s narrative.

“While some people prefer books over movies or vice versa, we did our best to honor both the book and the fans,” Lively explained. “Even if you haven’t read the book, the movie stands on its own. But if you have read it, I believe you’ll be thrilled with how we brought it to life. We worked hard to ensure both mediums complement each other beautifully.”

Set to release in theaters on August 9, the film follows Lily Bloom as she overcomes a traumatic childhood to pursue her dreams. Along the way, she falls for neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid (Baldoni). However, as their relationship deepens, Ryle’s behavior begins to remind Lily of her parents’ troubled marriage. The situation becomes even more complex when her first love, Atlas Corrigan (Brandon Sklenar), reappears.

Lively emphasized the importance of connecting with fans, many of whom have been loyal to Hoover since her early writing days. “This story has resonated with so many, and we felt a great responsibility to honor both the book and its beloved characters,” she shared. “It’s about bringing authenticity and humanity to the film, staying true to the spirit of the story while adding our personal touch.”

Reflecting on the project, Lively expressed immense pride. “I’m incredibly proud of this film and grateful to share it with Colleen and the fans. Portraying Lily was a great honor, and I’m thrilled with what we’ve created.”

Christy Hall, who wrote the screenplay, echoed Lively’s sentiments at the Tribeca Festival, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “We worked tirelessly to do justice to this beautiful book. I truly believe fans will feel respected, cared for, and loved because everyone involved in making this movie was as passionate about the book as they are.”

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