Amitabh Bachchan Makes a Rare Appearance at Kalki 2898 AD Event

Bollywood Legend Shares Heartfelt Reasons for Attending Film Promotion

In a surprising move, Amitabh Bachchan attended the Kalki 2898 AD pre-release ceremony in Mumbai, breaking his usual pattern of avoiding media appearances and commercial events. The Bollywood icon’s unexpected presence at the Wednesday event brought delight to fans who haven’t seen him much in public, particularly since the Covid pandemic. His vibrant energy and enthusiasm invigorated the gathering and sparked conversations among the attendees.

Bachchan later took to his blog to explain his decision. “My presence for promotional work is one that I shy away from,” he wrote. “But for the sake of the most humble production team, and more particularly, a team that is run by the daughters of the head, it is a justification beyond personal choices.”

Expressing his excitement about being part of director Nag Ashwin’s ambitious project, Bachchan added, “To be a part of a vision of the maker and director, of some extraordinary thought, was a delight that I had not imagined or was even close to.”

The actor also shared several pictures from the memorable night and described a special moment when he bought the first ticket to the show from producer Ashwani Dutt. He wrote, “Traditionally, buying the first ticket to the show from the producer, the magnanimous, gentle, humble Shri Ashwini Dutt, father to Priyanka and Swapna who run the production house, and father-in-law to Nagi Aswin, the director.”

Amitabh Bachchan’s heartfelt participation and tribute to Vyjayanthi Movies made the Kalki 2898 AD event a remarkable occasion for everyone involved.

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