Ajith completes shooting for his new Heist thriller – Thunivu

The south actor Ajith will next be seen in the heist thriller “Thunivu,” which will be his third consecutive project with filmmaker H Vinoth. The team recently travelled to Bangkok to shoot some intense bike action sequences. Filming for the movie began in January. The crew will shortly return to Chennai, according to the most recent report, which also states that the Bangkok programme was successfully completed.

Contrarily, Director H Vinoth still has to complete a few patchwork scenes in order to complete filming on “Thunivu,” which is anticipated to happen in the next weeks. According to reports, “Thunivu” is largely modelled on the greatest bank robbery to date in India, the 1987 Punjab bank robbery. According to reports, Ajith would be portraying a belligerent former police officer.

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