On a matrimonial website, software engineer Deepak and fashion designer Pooja connect. After the honeymoon, they start quarrelling over ridiculous issues that arise when two people live together. The two can no longer stand each other when things spiral out of control. They choose to file for divorce and consult Maya as their attorney. Will Deepak and Pooja ever be able to rediscover their love? Answers the movie, which is entertaining to watch.

The movie Love Birds captures the situations that occur when a relationship is about to break up. The writing could have used a little more care from the director, particularly in the second half. He veers off the main plot to include the commercial elements. The tale goes in other directions simultaneously, but the twists make up for it. The movie’s ending is thoughtful but needs a lasting impression.


Love Birds is a heartwarming story about a city couple. Director PC Shekar described it as a combination of humour and heartburn. Similar issues have been covered in several other movies, and this one follows a similar formula. Yet what sticks out is how deeply personal the problems between young couples are.

Since the principal actors, Krishna and Milana Nagaraj are a real-life couple and the famous duo from the Love Mocktail series, there are high expectations for the movie Love Birds. Yet, this film by PC Shekar shows them ebbing and flowing in and out of love, unlike their other movies, which were all cheery. The comedy uses deliberate humour to depict the “adventures’ ‘ and “misadventures” of married life.

Krishna and Milana make an excellent impression as a contemporary couple. These fictional characters portray the eternal reality of marriage and life after. The performances of Sadhu Kokila, Veena Sundar, and Rangayana Raghu—who play crucial roles—leave a lasting impression. Samyukta, who plays the lawyer in the drama, adds value by playing the part well.

Prashanth Rajappa, who wrote the dialogue, gets praise for crafting emotional lines about relationships and naturally incorporating humour into the narrative. The movie is an excellent love musical, with some strong medleys by Arjun Janya that Shekar Satish skillfully captures.

Love Birds discusses marriage, love, and trust while providing a sophisticated perspective on contemporary relationships. And there are many things that husband and wife can apply to keep their marriage happy.

Its overall score is three out of five due to these factors.

PC Shekar is the film’s director. Pyramid Natarajan is the producer. Starring in it are Veena Sunder, Rangayana Raghu, Milana Nagaraj, Samyukta Hornad, Krishna, and Sadhu Kokila. On February 17, 2023, it was released. Amazon Prime Video is currently streaming the movie digitally.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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