The much-awaited third season of Panchayat is finally out on Amazon Prime Video. The trailer seems quite promising and hints at a lot of ups and downs for the people of Phulera. It will be great to see the fate of Sachiv Ji after the transfer and if he comes back to Phulera.

This is going to be a fun watch, stay tuned as we go on a journey to this village life with an episode-wise recap and review!

The season begins in Delhi with Aditya (cameo by Saad Bilgrami), cousin of protagonist Abhishek aka Sachiv Ji (Jitendra Kumar). They discuss Abhishek’s CAT preparation and Phulera’s happenings while smoking.

Next, we shift to Phulera. After the intro song, Naya Sachiv (Vinod Suryavanshi) arrives, replacing Abhishek. He tries contacting Pradhan Ji (Brijbhushan Dubey) and sahayak Vikas (Chandan Roy), but both hang up on him.

Pradhan Ji instructs Vikas to spy on Naya Sachiv, fearing his presence will prevent Abhishek’s return. Bhushan (Durgesh Kumar) and Binod (Ashok Pathak) discuss village politics and Abhishek’s transfer. Naya Sachiv encounters them at a tea stall, learning why Pradhan Ji avoids him. Vikas’s spying attempt fails, and he flees when caught.

Naya Sachiv threatens to break into the Panchayat office and join himself. Vikas and Pradhan Ji decide to bring Prahlad Cha(Faisal Malik) to handle the situation. Prahlad Cha appears, heartbroken. Vikas and Prahlad head to the Panchayat office to confront Naya Sachiv.

Meanwhile, Vidhayak Ji(Pankaj Jha) is seen naming his new horse and later on getting furious at Phulera news. DM (Kusum Shastri) summons the original Pradhan Manju Devi (Neena Gupta) over the Panchayat office events. Amid the chaos, we glimpse Rinki (Sanvika) and Abhishek chatting.

DM orders Manju Devi to let Naya Sachiv join. Prahlad’s emotional line, ‘Koi bhi samay se pehle nahi jayega, koi bhi matlab koi bhi,’ resonates deeply. Manju Devi agrees to Naya Sachiv joining, but Prahlad rushes to attack him, stopped by a call from DM Madam.

Everyone celebrates Vidhayak Ji’s conviction, which cancels Abhishek’s transfer. Abhishek receives a joyful voice note from Rinki and calls her back. The episode ends with a triumphant Abhishek returning to Phulera on his bike.

The pilot episode is a perfect continuation of the legacy that the last two seasons have set. All the actors have been doing amazing and continue to shine in this season as well, especially Faisal Malik – who nails the grief-stricken role as nonchalantly as he did the funny-quirky-eloquent one.

The background score, cinematography, direction, and dialogues all seamlessly coalesce, creating a harmonious and engaging experience. Additionally, the episode also introduces a song that promises to resonate for months, ‘Hind ke Sitara’, exquisitely performed by Manoj Tiwary.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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