Twinkle Khanna Says Wrinkles Are Medals Not Curses

Age has been discussed in a post by Twinkle Khanna, who claims that it is merely a “mathematical problem.” She advised seeing the wrinkles as “general’s medals,” pinned to the skin, serving as a constant reminder of the conflicts a person had fought and perhaps even triumphed in. Many of her supporters claimed to firmly concur with her viewpoints.

Twinkle posted a video of herself enjoying a chocolate pastry on Instagram, “Age is a mathematical problem. There are numbers that need to be tackled. It is not a division sum though, where we are reduced to a fraction of what we once were. It is a multiplier. At 40, you are still the pigtailed girl who once climbed trees and beat up all the boys. The young woman with a disdain for convention. The new mother with leaky breasts and fierce ambition.”

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