London Outing Sparks Pregnancy Rumors for Katrina Kaif

A viral video featuring Londoners Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif has set off a wave of speculation among fans, suggesting the couple may be expecting their first child. Meanwhile, Deepika Padukone was seen casting her vote in the Lok Sabha Elections of 2024 on Monday, proudly displaying her baby bump in public for the first time. She looked radiant and coordinated her outfit with her husband, Ranveer Singh.

However, it is another Bollywood star who is currently the talk of the internet, as fans suspect she might be pregnant as well. Katrina Kaif, who celebrated her husband Vicky Kaushal’s birthday in London earlier this week, has been the subject of intense scrutiny after a video of the couple surfaced on social media on election day. In the footage, the pair is seen walking together, with fans noting Katrina’s unusual gait and the large overcoat she wore, which some believe could be hiding a baby bump.

Theories abound online, with some suggesting that Katrina may have traveled to London to avoid the media frenzy while pregnant. “Katrina and her love to keep things private,” commented one social media user. “She seems much more pregnant than Deepika and might give birth first. Maybe she fled to London to avoid paparazzi.”

Observant fans have flooded the comment section with similar sentiments. “She looks pregnant, and her gait shows it,” wrote one user, while another noted, “She is walking like she is pregnant.” Another dedicated fan added, “I believe she is pregnant. Her walk is more telling than the large jacket.”

As speculation continues to swirl, neither Katrina Kaif nor Vicky Kaushal has commented on the rumors, leaving fans eagerly awaiting confirmation.

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