Kangana Ranaut says KANTARA deserves an Oscar Entry

Kannada film Kantara, according to Kangana Ranaut, ought to represent India at the Oscars the next year. She claimed that India needed accurate depiction, and Kantara is one such movie that everyone should watch. Rishab Shetty, who also directs Kantara, plays a Kambala champion who clashes with an honourable DRFO officer played by Murali in the movie (Kishore).


On Friday, Kangana said on Instagram Stories,, “I feel #Kantara should be India’s entry to Oscar next year, I know year is yet to end and there may be better films coming, but more than Oscar India needs the right representation globally… this land of mysteries and Mystics one can’t understand one can only embrace it …. India is like a miracle… if you try and make sense of it you will only get frustrated but if you surrender to the miracle you can also be one …. Kantara is an experiential reality which the world must experience .. @rishabshetty77.”

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