Harish Shankar Defends His Film and Responds to Critics

Tollywood director stands firm against trolling and criticism

Harish Shankar, a prominent Tollywood writer and director, is known for his active presence on social media and his strong responses to criticism about his films. He is particularly vocal when addressing negative comments and trolls. Recently, Shankar issued a stern warning to a journalist who has been consistently criticizing his latest film, “Mr Bachchan,” which stars Ravi Teja.


The film’s first single was released yesterday and received a positive response. However, Ravi Teja faced criticism for his role in the movie, particularly for his dance sequences with 25-year-old Bhagyashree Borse. A social media user posted, “56-year-old Ravi Teja’s sickening dance steps with the 25-year-old Bhagyashree Borse. And the filmmakers don’t even care to show the actress’ face here, because all they want is to objectify her. This is one of the most expected movies in Telugu.”

Harish Shankar quickly responded with a sarcastic retort: “Congratulations for the discovery.. I think you should apply for the Nobel Prize… And please continue objectifying filmmakers… We welcome you.”

Shankar’s strong defense of his work and his cast demonstrates his commitment to standing up against online trolls and critics.

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