CIRKUS not a life Changing movie says Rohit Shetty

Filmmaker Rohit Shetty described his upcoming film Cirkus as a “timepass” that won’t affect a person’s life when speaking about it. According to Rohit in a recent interview, after seeing the film just once, one would want to watch it again with friends.

Rohit explained to Pinkvilla that, “It’s a simple film I tell you. You come with your family, have a great time. You come out and I can challenge you if anyone asks how is the film. You will say ‘mast hai, timepass hai, jaake dekh (it’s fun, it’s a timepass, go and watch it).’ I will not say more than this about the film.”

He also said, “The film is like this. I will not say that it is going to change your life film. No, it’s going to give you happiness. And you will like watching this film again with your friends. You will say that I want to watch this scene again. This is that kind of film. It’s All The Best and Golmaal.”

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