Harry asserts that the palace advised against filing a lawsuit after The Mail on Sunday revealed Meghan’s letter to her father, but they did so after getting independent legal counsel.
“I only wanted these relatives and these individuals. All of that was all I desired. I also didn’t have a large family. I was so thrilled that we gave him what I had always desired. So I just tried my best to make them happy. And to truly feel like a member of the family. The bubble eventually shattered, Meghan recounted.

Meghan responded when Harry claimed that the situation in the British media was growing worse because “it was already evident to the media that the palace wasn’t going to protect her,” “Once that happens, the floodgates open. I also came to understand that I was being fed to the wolves rather than merely being cast to the wolves. According to Meghan’s attorney, the palace provided “negative briefings” to “fit other people’s objectives.” Following discussions with his father about how they may have more privacy there, Harry discusses their choice to travel to Vancouver Island. The two also discuss the supposed palace efforts to prevent Harry from meeting the Queen in person, and he adds that his grandmother was not taken by surprise because their departure plans had been “years in the making.” Harry talks about the letter that he and Meghan “were willing to sacrifice [their] Sussex titles” in a letter to his father that was leaked.

Then, according to Harry, while his father said “things that were just untrue” and the Queen stayed mute, his brother William yelled and screamed at him at the Sandringham Summit. After the meeting, Harry and his brother made a statement debunking their animosities toward one another, although he alleges that this was done without his consent. He makes it clear that he chose to depart, not Meghan. They also contend that some of the internet hatred aimed at Meghan may have come from her half-sister. Meghan discusses the threats she got from ugly information being shared on social media. In that same month, the COVID-19 crisis got started. “At that precise time, our whereabouts became known. We were aware of the pulling of our security. We weren’t going to be safe there because everyone knew where we were, Meghan claimed, adding that they seal the Canadian border.

When that happens, you have to do what I suppose any husband and father would do, which is to get the hell out of there. “There comes the point when you’re worried about what could happen next,” Harry said. To know further, stay connected!!

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