The third and final episode of the Netflix limited series, ‘Depp v Heard’ starts with another day of the trial, where Amber Heard addresses the online harassment and death threats. she and even her child have received. We also see Johnny Depp refusing all the allegations against him and calling them false.

This episode has a running time of about 50 minutes, but much is covered, even post-verdict. The only person who has allegedly witnessed Depp being physically abusive to Heard is her own sister, Whitney Heard, who testified.

The “staircase incident,” which involved one of Depp’s former partners, Kate Moss, is brought up, and the British model testified in Johnny’s favor. With the majority of the public already being in support of Depp, the trial did not seem to go well for Heard either.

With mental health being a relevant topic in this trial and to challenge Amber’s accusations, Johnny’s lawyers brought a clinical and forensic psychologist who claimed to have diagnosed Heard with borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder. However, the psychologist presented by Heard’s team diagnosed her with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The episode also mentions the Boston Flight incident in May 2014, where Amber accused the ‘Edward Scissorhands’ actor of kicking her. It did not turn out to be in her favor, either. However, conflicting evidence has been present.

With the progression of the trial now reaching its conclusion, the public started acknowledging that there was a sort of halo effect around Depp, which helped his case.

Text messages that were part of the evidence reveal that Depp has, in fact, said extremely disturbing, abusive, and disrespectful things about his then-wife. Depp explained that he was embarrassed about that, and the heat of the moment got the better of him.

Following the closing arguments, social media or even mainstream media became anxious but were still obsessed and still majorly supporting Depp. On TikTok, the hashtag “Justice For Johnny Depp” had about 20 billion views, and the hashtag “Justice For Amber Heard” had 77.5 million.

After about four days of jury deliberation, the verdict day came, and it was in favor of Johhny Depp, while Amber Heard only won one count.

The majority of the invested audience celebrated and continued trolling Amber. Some were sympathetic towards her as well. A statement in the episode reads,


The fallout of the trial seemed to have many sides; things did not seem so clear anymore. It seemed that a lot more of the world started acknowledging that it was not such a black-and-white situation and noticed the greys.

The episode ends in a similar fashion to that of the actual trial. A lot of questions in every aspect were not asked at the right moments, and in the end, it seemed there would not be a chance to have those answers.

Netflix docu-series, ‘Depp v Heard’ directed by Emma Cooper, lacks a point of view and appears to be a well-arranged combination of clippings, which by definition is not all a documentary is about.

For those who followed the trial thoroughly, there is not much to know, but it is ideal for those who did not have a lot of exposure while the trial was ongoing.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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