The first part of the show focuses on the couple’s wedding day. The couple discusses their difficulties at their initially small-sized home, Nottingham Cottage, which they claimed was difficult. Our private secretary once told me, “[The palace is] like this fish that is swimming flawlessly, powerful, and on the proper current, then one day this little organism comes in. She worked for the queen for, I suppose, 20 years.” What is it, this foreign organism, that causes the entire thing to [squeal]? It doesn’t look like us, and it doesn’t move like us; we don’t like it; get it off us. And she just said they’d quickly notice that having this creature as a part of it makes it stronger, faster, and better. The transition will be challenging for them at first. Following a reflection on her first official engagement with Queen Elizabeth II, Meghan talks about her involvement in planning a fundraiser for Grenfell Tower disaster victims.

The popularity of Meghan during the royal family’s trip to Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji, according to Harry, caused animosity within the ranks of the royal family. The publicity that Meghan and her sister-in-law Catherine received during their different pregnancies is also contrasted in this episode. Meghan also talks of having suicidal thoughts and being supposedly prevented from seeking help. According to Harry, the palace’s communication departments compete with one another. He describes how his father, Charles, used to do something and how he was disappointed to “watch [his] brother’s office copy the precise same thing.” He also discusses how they decided against standing in front of a hospital after he was delivered to “give [their] child up on a platter.” The couple also talks about their trip to Southern Africa and Meghan’s surprise that a question regarding her mental health would be included in an ITV program.

The palace gave the go-ahead to this royal documentary. I suppose I just imagined that this would be a polished rendition of a joyful tour. I hadn’t reapplied makeup. I was fried, Meghan admitted. And I suppose because I was so worn out, I was incredibly appreciative that someone addressed me as if I were a human being. I didn’t think they’d include it in the documentary at all. To know ahead, stay tuned!!

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