The episode seems like a history lesson and takes us to 2017 and Harry and Meghan’s first outing. It all went smoothly. Meghan’s buddy Daniel applies her cosmetics in their New York apartment in 2021 as Harry plays Elton John and explains how royal press experts function. Once more, the media’s portrayal of events dominates this episode. We get to know Meghan’s niece and watch as she and she rekindle their romance. Meghan adores spending Christmas with her future in-laws and having a large family for the holidays. Princess Michael of Kent is in the news for sporting a racist brooch. She apologizes, and the program then concentrates on Harry attending a party in 2005 while wearing a Nazi costume. Harry explains that he later spoke with a Rabbi and a survivor of a concentration camp. The pair is seen in 2021 at an air force facility in New Jersey, which triggers footage of Harry as a soldier serving in two tours of Afghanistan.

As she continues to discuss her concerns about the wedding, Meghan references the movie The Princess Diaries and how she looked up the UK’s national anthem to research etiquette. The program then includes a segment on Meghan’s selection of dress color in which she discusses how they were engaging in a game of whack-a-mole with the press at the time. Meghan characterizes their engagement interview as a “planned reality show” that was “rehearsed,” as Harry and Meghan talk about it. After their courtship was made public, the pair and Meghan’s mother continued to talk about their interactions with the media and paparazzi. The history of the British Empire includes issues of racism as well. Meghan investigates her family on her father, Thomas Markle’s side, and her own. She notes that although she hasn’t spoken to Samantha Markle in over ten years, she is friends with Ashleigh Hale, Samantha’s daughter.

According to Meghan, Hale could not attend her wedding in 2018 because her advisors believed it would not have been proper to invite Samantha but not Hale. Meghan also discusses how her father, Thomas set up paparazzi photos before the wedding. More experts are discussing the functioning of the Royal Family, please. As the wedding draws near, a story concerning Meghan’s father fabricating photos gets picked up by the media, revealing that he won’t be attending. Harry and Meghan worry that her father’s phone may have been hacked. The wedding day is about to arrive when the episode finishes.

Written By : Indori Nerd

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