In New York, at the opening of episode two, the pair is being chauffeured, and once more, the paparazzi steal the show. Insensitive comments made about Meghan on social media break up this section. Next, Meghan’s mother is interviewed. She is eager to express her opinions, resulting in many clips of Meghan and a look into her past. There are undoubtedly more shots directed at the media, which appears to be a recurring theme across the entire series. Doria Ragland takes a seat for her first interview with the media since Meghan and Harry began dating. She talks about her daughter’s early years while showing pictures of the two of them. Harry claims that at the beginning of their relationship, members of the royal family questioned why Meghan should be treated differently from other women who married into the family and were harassed by the press. Their advice was to remain silent, though he points out the difference between their experience and hers as “the race element.”

Harry refers to headlines such as “(Almost) Straight Outta Compton.” Meghan remembers a day when she was young, and her mother was yelled at using the N-word. Brexit and its effects on British society are also being discussed. The duo also talks about their personal experiences with their respective parent’s divorces. Meghan expresses her surprise at the formality present inside the royal family, saying that it was “carried through on the inside” in addition to being observed outside. She identified as a hugger, which she acknowledged would be “very off-putting for many Brits.” The couple also talks about how Harry proposed to them at Kensington Palace the night they got engaged.

There is nothing novel or groundbreaking here, in my opinion, if you are interested in the Royal Family. The interviews with the pair are, I am afraid, inane and self-indulgent because we have pretty much seen and heard this before. There is nothing novel, inventive, or revelatory on exhibit here, so this is undoubtedly just a performance for the couple’s supporters.

The show starts to resemble a video Wikipedia page since segments are constantly accompanied by soothing piano music. This episode is for you if Meghan has your undivided attention. Race plays a significant role in the story, and Harry and Meghan discuss how they dealt with the race-related issues that were increasingly apparent in the media. Following Harry’s remarks regarding the harassment, the press is instructed to “back off.”When Meghan talks about her first encounter with the Queen, she describes how she initially believed the etiquette was “a joke.” News of the engagement and the public reaction brings the second episode to a close. To know ahead, stay tuned!!

Written By : Indori Nerd

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