The last episode, According to Tyler Perry, helped Harry and Meghan adjust to life in the United States by providing them with a place to reside for six weeks while the royal family still believed they were in Canada. They were no longer provided with state-funded security as retired royals. Meghan talks about MailOnline’s attempts to get all of her phone’s text messages throughout the legal dispute. They also discuss how Meghan’s pals allegedly spoke about her letter to her father before it was revealed by the Mail in a People magazine article without her consent. Due to the stress they caused, Harry attributes Meghan’s miscarriage to the activities of the Mail.

The couple talks about their 2021 Oprah Winfrey interview, which Meghan claims took a long time to prepare. Additionally, there is a reference to an investigation into Meghan’s alleged bullying. Meghan admits that she anticipated the talk about her racial problems would be the main takeaway from the interview, but that was not the case. Harry calls his grandfather Prince Philip “a man of duty, honor, and wonderful humor.” He claims it was difficult to travel back to the UK for his funeral due to his family’s attitude. The program also covers Jason Knauf, a former assistant to Harry and his brother William, testifying in Meghan’s court fight against the Mail.

There once was a girl from Los Angeles. She was referred to as an actress by some. Others referred to him as a prince. Because this is the love tale of a boy and a girl who were intended to be together, none of those people understood it completely. On July 3, 2016, they had a meeting in London. And they keep giggling nonstop. He brings her cupcakes on the Fourth of July because it’s their second date. He describes it as “a sweet-tart celebration.” Ironic in a way. Independence of her nation from his. They are aware that they do not wish to be independent of one another at this time. And after a month of distant dating, they relocate to Botswana’s tranquility.

They would enjoy each other’s company, garden, travel, and laugh while accruing more flight miles than any other couple could.
, they pressed closer against one another during choppy tides. Nothing could break us, they would assert. You are my treasure, and I value respect and honor for your family we will build together and our enduring love. I thus invite you to raise a glass in honor of the great assurance that life has now begun and the unwavering conviction that loves triumphs ultimately.

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